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Drew Hutchinson, MFT, Psychotherapist

Energetic Relational Therapy for Couples and Individuals

Drew Hutchinson Psychotherapy

Are you struggling with depression, anxiety or feelings of worthlessness? Do your relationships feel shallow and ungratifying? Or maybe you just get a sense you could be enjoying your life more. Working with an experienced and dedicated psychotherapist can help you explore the issues that prevent you from fulfilling your hopes and dreams, deepen you intimacy in relationships and feel more alive. With more than a decade of experience helping couples and individuals, Drew can help you work through the issues and the barriers that are preventing you from living more fully. Drew's commitment to authenticity and truth in the psychotherapy process helps create the opportunity for healing and change.




About Energetic Relational Therapy© for Couples

ERT© is a culmination of my years of working with people, studying a variety of therapeutic approaches, and teaching therapeutic techniques to thousands of therapists. ERT integrates the natural energy of the body, with the healing properties of relationship to create a powerful external and internal environment for change. ERT draws upon your own capacity to heal and grow to create change. The concepts and practices of Energetic Relational Therapy are grounded in body oriented therapies such as Hakomi and BioEnergetics. Relational Analytic concepts help to integrate the experiential and the psyche. Enhancing the body's natural energy and increasing the sense of self creates an experience of well-being and integrity.



For Couples

Improve communication, emotional connection and physical intimacy. Drew is comfortable and familiar working with all types of relationships including same sex, open,and polyamorous relationships.

Individual Therapy

Each of us carries baggage from the past into our lives. This can result in depression, anxiety and feelings of disappointment. Drew can help you sort through the impediments to personal growth enabling you to feel more satisfied and fulfilled with your life and accomplishments.

Life Transitions

If you are sorting through the loss of loved one, divorce, or some other major life transition, it is important to have support. Drew has helped people through difficult life transitions and understands the importance of allowing space for the process of grieving.

Trainings and Supervision

Drew provides training and supervision in the areas of Somatic Therapy, Relational Analytic approaches, Law and Ethics and Couples Therapy. Contact Drew directly to inquire about advanced trainings or supervision.

About Drew Hutchinson, MFT

An experienced professional, Drew has more than 10 years of experience working with couples and individuals. A psychotherapist, educator and supervisor, Drew practices with presence, compassion and understanding. Drew has integrated humanistic, somatic and analytic approaches to create an energetic and relational style to that encourages healing and change.


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